Our brands 品牌

Together with partners we develop brands into internationally recognized projects.

Our brands are created for long-term cooperation with Xiamen, the Chinese film industry, and its stakeholders. If you want to enter the Chinese film industry, joining our brands is the best marketing strategy.

Xiamen & Film 厦门与电影

Xiamen ranks among the top five Chinese cities for foreign trade. With government policy and financial support combined, Xiamen attracts the establishment of complete film production chains and film festivals. Xiamen can therefore be viewed as the gateway to the Chinese film industry. As such it compares to Cannes in Europe.

It shares a history with Holland as it is famous for Koxinga, the military leader who freed Formosa from the Dutch rulers and used Xiamen island Gulangyu as a military training base.

The massive Xiamen production output also includes more than a hundred films and telefilm productions shooting in and around Xiamen each year, making use of its incredible scenery. Since 2018 Xiamen benefits as part of a free trade zone in China.

EYE on Golden Rooster 金鸡之眼

The event Eye on Golden Rooster is about making new connections in the film industry. It links the Chinese film industry to the world and vice versa. Eye on Golden Rooster is the official China related program of the China Hundred Flowers & Golden Rooster Film Festival.

Eye on Golden Rooster aims to organize a ChinaFilm Day every year in EYE Amsterdam. This day provides opportunities for Dutch filmmakers to become involved in the Chinese film industry. This event is organized in close cooperation with the City of Xiamen. It focuses on a special film screening of a Chinese production selected by the Golden Rooster Awards.

Next to the ChinaFilm Day various events will be organized for business matching and networking under the name of ChinaFilm Cocktails.

Golden Rooster Master Class 金鸡大师班

Master classes are an essential part of promoting mutual understanding in cinematographic approaches between China and the West.

The film festival organization from Xiamen invites professionals to conduct masterclasses: like a documentary focused program serving as a master class for young Chinese talents in the film industry, and, a masterclass on the organization and branding of international film festivals for Chinese professionals, and masterclasses on cross-cultural interpretations of cinematic genres.  

Similar training programs are organized for Chinese professionals in Europe.

EuSino Film 欧中合拍电影

EuSino Film implements new projects for the film industry between Europe and China. Coproduction is its main focus. It empowers a practical and opportune solution to enter the Chinese film market. The Chinese government actively stimulates coproduction with various European countries by favorable tariff policies, and financial support for film coproduction.

At present, China has signed film coproduction agreements with more than 22 countries, including Netherlands, Britain, France, and Spain. Coproduction such as “Wolf Totem” (Chinese-French) have achieved success at the box office. The cooperation between China and Europe in the field of film is a win-win situation. Coproduction usually suit the tastes of both audiences, and they enjoy preferential treatment in China in terms of funding, technology, and awards.

Coproduction has no quota limitations in China as they are listed as Chinese films. This makes such coproduction remarkably interesting as a strategy for exporting films to China. The Chinese government also actively stimulates coproduction with the various European countries by favorable tariff policies, and funding for the film production.

From a Chinese viewpoint with the help of the European international marketing structure and its film festivals, Chinese films have more opportunities to enter the international market.